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Shenzhen Ports - Imported Organic Products Shall Not Mark with ¡°Organic¡± Before Certification

The new Measures on the Administration of Organic Food Certification was implemented on April 1,2014. And Since that day, Shenzhen Inspection & Quarantine Bureau has intercepted and captured five batches of unqualified organic products, totally 19171 pieces, including red wine, cosmetics, personal care products and so on.

According to the new Measures on the Administration of Organic Food Certification,imported organic products shall be in accordance with Chinese organic product standards, and obtain certificate from certification bodies approved by CNCA. Recently, Shenzhen Inspection & Quarantine Bureau strictly inspected the certification, certification, sales permit, organic product mark of imported organic products at Shenzhen ports to prevent organic products from flowing into China market.
On the the basis of original supervision over imported organic food, quarantine department strengthens the inspection over imported textiles, cosmetics, personal care products, pet food and other imported organic products,and helps importers understand our country¡¯s organic product certification systems via policy presentation and propaganda poster, so as to supervise them import organic products legally and in accordance with regulations.
Shenzhen Inspection & Quarantine Bureau says that imported organic products shall conform to Chinese laws, regulations, national standard requirements on Chinese organic products. Before obtaining certification, any unit or individual shall not mark ¡°Óлú¡± ¡°ORGANIC¡± or other words  or patterns hat might mislead public think the products  on organic products and smallest sales packing and its label.