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Beijing Tianjin Hebei CIQ Integration - Direct Clearance For Import

From July 1,2014, the CIQ of Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei started to implement a number of new integration  modes,  among which,¡°Direct Clearance for Import¡±, and ¡°Direct Release for Export¡± became new highlights,making import and export enterprises enjoy fast customs clearance, lower costs, and simplified procedures.

According Yangjie deputy director of Beijing CIQ,under the CIQ integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei, the two-time customs declaration mode has come to an end, which means goods imported through Tianjin port can be transported to Beijing directly for inspection and quarantine, which will play an positive role to promote Beijing foreign trade and shorten logistics time for enterprises.

The high efficient customs clearance does not mean letting up supervision. The integration mode will be built on the foundation of List Management. It is learned that the commodities on the list does not reach 30% of Beijing imported commodities. According to Liu Yuping, division head of customs clearance division of Bejing CIQ, plant, foodstuff, cosmetics, dangerous chemicals and other five categories of commodities are included in the list. The commodities on the list shall accept inspection and quarantine at port so as to prevent epidemic diseases,toxic substances, and hazardous substances from being imported or exported.

As for export inspection and quarantine, except enjoying the ¡°direct release¡±, export enterprise can have the logistics time shorten by one day averagely  for each batch of goods. According to data from a food enterprise, if inspect goods at place of manufacturing and reduce one open-container inspection, they can save RMB 700 for loading and container opening, and RMB200 transmit fee. If it is cold train logistics, they can save RMB160 cold-charge fee, and RMB 1200 for truck overdue.

According To Statistics, each year Beijing area has nearly 120,000 containers transhipped through Tianjin port, involving 2500 export enterprises and over 10,000 import enterprises in Beijing. ¡¡¡¡