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Shenzhen Port Returned 8 Batches of Imported Grape Wine with Excessive Iron Successively

Seahog Shenzhen - the expert Customs Clearance agent in Shenzhen, learnt from CIQ Shenzhen that  inspection and quarantine officers detected eight batches of grape wine with excessive iron content successively in Yantian port and Futian Bonded Zone from April 2 to 9. The involving unqualified products have been returned.

Yantian port and Futian Bonded Zone are main import regions for grape wine in Shenzhen. Since the beginning of this year, grape wine import quantity in both the regions have been growing rapidly. At present, excessive iron content has become one of the main return reasons for imported grape wine. It is introduced that excessive iron will affect health of human body. It may lead to iron poisoning and do harm to heart, liver and pancreas.