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Shenzhen Port: 26.1% Kitchenware Imported In First Quarter of 2015 Was Found Unqualified

Our Shenzhen Customs Clearance team learn from CIQ shenzhen that, in the first quarter of 2015, CIQ shenzhen totally supervised 203 batches of  Kitchenware imported by general trade. The total weight was 338.9, and the total value was  5 million US dollars. Therein 53 batches were found unqualified, which meant the the disqualification rate reached 26.1%, rose by 2.8% compared with same period last year. CIQ has returned, destroyed or ordered the relevant importer to make modification based on the actual situations of the involving shipments.

In the mentioned unqualified products,  5 batches were related with safety and sanitation projects. The main performance was that the products would dissolve out poisonous and harmful substances during use. As kitchenware has direct contact with food, the  poisonous and harmful substances can enter human body with food, and cause harm to and affect human body. Other involving products had unqualified Chinese labels which would easily lead to misuse of products and thus cause safety problem. In terms of import source, 44 batches of kitchenware  from USA, EU, Japan and Korea, accounting for 83% of the total unqualified batches.

Products that were found unqualified in safety and sanitation projects were mainly plastic and metal work. Quality of these two kinds of products are easily affected by materials, auxiliaries, and processing techniques.