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Grade Wine Imported via Shenzhen Port From April to August Reached A Qualified Rate of 99%

Qianhai ShenGang International Liquor Test Center(A subsidiary organizaition of Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau), put into operation officially on April 28, had totally tested 2183  batches of imported grape wine and complete 15684 testing projects up to August 28.  20 batches of sample were found unqualified . The unqualified projects were mainly exceeding heavy metal copper, iron and preservatives. The data indicated that the qualification rate of Shenzhen port¡¯s imported grape wine reached 99%.

In recent years, liquors imported through Shenzhen port have been increasing substantially. At present, the unit price of bottle grape wine imported via Shenzhen port ranks number one, batches and total shipment are number two in China. Shenzhen port imported liquors account for around 30% of the domestic market.

Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is exploring and implementing the new mode ¡° Overseas Pre-Inspection for Imported Grape Wine¡± which means third party  organization conducts pre-inspection on grape wine to be imported at place of origin, and inspection and quarantine department check and inspection at port, and they release shipment if the goods information confirms to pre-inspection situation. The pre-inspection include: verifying on the manufacturer¡¯s qualifications,  inspecting the place origin, quantity, production batch, vintage, and grade on field,  conducting sampling test on wine qualifty, issuing inspection and quarantine report for grade wine that passes pre-inspection, and supervising exporters paste anti-counterfeiting tracing label Since February, shenzhen totally imported 14600 bottles grape wine with anti-counterfeiting tracing label, accounting for 3.23% of Shenzhen port¡¯s total grape wine import quantity in the same period.

Meanwhile, Qianhai  pioneers the whole tracing technology service platform of imported grade wine. By scanning the 2-d code on the bottle, consumers can quickly check the place of origin, vintage,  chateau, bottling date, logistics information, certificate of origin, test report issued by foreign laboratory, customs declaration information, qualification certificate of inspection and quarantine, Chinese label, and distribution information.