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Shenzhen Port Return Imported Brazil Honey with Excessive Osmophilic Yeast

Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau disclosed on Nov. 18,2015 that their technicians found excessive osmophilic yeast in a batch of imported honey from January. The osmophilic yeast in the honey exceeded our national limit standard by 119 times.  Shenzhen Bureau has returned this batch of imported honey.

Early this November, Shenzhen Bureau drew samples from the involving honey and sent for test. As this honey variety was previously detected containing exceeding total plate count, Shenzhen Bureau focused on strengthening the test of microorganisms. The test result showed that the osmophilic yeast count was 24000cfu/g which  significantly exceeded our countrys relevant food sanitary limit standard. This was the first time that Shenzhen port detected excessive osmophilic yeast count.

According to Shenzhen bureau, the involving honey weighted 13.5 tons, with a shipment value of 80,000 US dollars. Eating honey with excessive osmophilic yeast may cause diarrhea and other uncomfortable symptoms.