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Coffee Been Import Customs Clearance Broker In Guangzhou

SeaHog Logistics is one of the largest import Customs brokers in China for imported food materials and food products, providing professional customs clearance for coffee bean, coffee  beverage, grape wine, olive oil , dry fruit, canned food, seasonings and flavorings, candies, and many other type of food and food material. Since 2001, Seahog logistics has been undertaking overseas purchasing logistics projects and import logistics+customs clearance for diverse food product, including shipper and consignee registration, Chinese label filing, import right, import license, warehouse, sea/air freight, pick up and export customs clearance in exporting country, import customs declaration in China, import commodity inspection declaration in China, transportation and warehouse in China.

Below we share import techniques and food import trends

1. Nowadays, China is importing more and more food products like olive oil, coconut water, grape wine, biscuits, oatmeal, beer snack food, tea leaf, chocolate. But in the following year, imported products from South Korea, Australia Iceland, Georgia, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Peru,  and New Zealand will become more competitive in China market with the FTA be signed.

2.Grape wine. In previous years, the main exporting countries were Canada, France, Chile, and Australia. Now the market is changing, and more and more countries are getting a bite from the cake, for example Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Georgia.

3.Beer. Everyone knows Heineken as it is the sales champion brand as an imported beer. Germany beer, France 1664 blanc, Belgium white beer are very popular as well. And craft beer from USA and Japan is rising too.

4.Other food products. If over 10 different varieties of products are contained one single shipment, it make take quite a long time for CIQ to examine  the submitted Chinese labels. For oatmeal, CIQ pays extra attention to moisture and total plate account. The return cases of unqualified imported oatmeal are mainly because of exceeding moisture and total total plate account. For biscuits, it is very important to make sure the production date and declare honestly. For dairy products, to obtain the automatic import license and the registration of overseas manufacturer at CNCA. And for olive oil, the automatic import license is also required for customs clearance in China.

The required documents of food import mainly include: certificate of origin, health certificate, certificate of analysis, original labels and their Chinese translation, invoice, packing list, sales contract. For plant products, phytosanitary certificate is required. And for bottled products, bottling certificate is required.

Products imported ASEAN and countries that have signed FTA with China can enjoy tariff preferences, which can help reduce costs.

We regularly handle below foodstuffs(not limited to)
beverage, fruit juice, mineral water, coffee, tea drinks,rape wine, honey wine, beer, xo, oatmeal, chocolate, spirits olive oil, coconut oil, biscuits, cookies, cakes,  dry fruits, sauces and pastes, cacao beans, coffee beans, seasonings and flavorings, food materials, food mother liquor, sea food,  

And our services are available in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Chengdu