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Why Imported Red Wine Returned By China Ports

Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau disclosed that they just returned a batched of imported grape wine from Spain. The grape wine was declared as white grape wine. But the inspectors found that the liquid was pink, the front label indicated white wine, while the back label indicated red wine, showing an inconsistent product attribute.
In accordance with relevant regulations of PRC Food Safety Law, Xiamen bureau issued  Notification of Inspection and Quarantine Treatment and Sanitary Certificate for this batch of grape wine, and implemented return. This was first time that Xiamen returned imported wine because of unqualified original labels.

Recently a batch of ice wine imported by one Ningbo company was returned by Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau because its iron content did not meet our national limited requirement. The test result of the drown samples showed that the iron content was 8.5mg/L, exceeding the limited requirement iron  content 8mg/L regulated in grape wine National Standards GB15037-2006.