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Tianjin Port Detected Consecutively Unqualified Labels on Imported Hazardous Chemicals

Recently, Tianjin airport inspection and quarantine bureau(hereinafter referred to as Tianjin CIQ), found a batch of imported scaling powder used exclamation mark for acute toxicity on its package Hazard Label during the inspection. But, in accordance with Global Chemicals Unified Classification and Label Regulations and the National Standards for relevant labels, Skull mark of higher  hazard classification should be used  for the  acute toxicity  to give enough warning . So, Tianjin CIQ ruled that the hazard labels of the imported scaling powder is not qualified with potential safety risk.

Seahog, who provides customs clearance in Tianjin, learns that  Tianjin CIQ has consecutively found 6 shipments that have inconsistency between the warning content of Chinese Hazard Labels for hazardous chemicals and the actual hazard classification. The involving hazardous chemicals are all imported from Korea, with a total value of 36800 US dollars. Tianjin CIQ informed relevant enterprises to modify the Chinese labels. Transportation, sales and use of the hazardous chemicals are forbidden before the modification is done as requested.

Hazard Label is the identity card of hazardous chemicals. With it, manufacturers and consumers can obtain direct knowledge of hazard and protection measures so they can  cope with correctly and in time when danger occurs. According to the analysis, the continuous occurrence of unqualified labels was related to importerí»s lack of knowledge of national standards. Meanwhile, domestic consignees only care about the quality, and pay little attention to hazard labels.

At present, our country has set Chemical Classification and Label Norms as national standard, which  stipulates hazard classification and the correspondent pictograms, signal words, Description of hazard, protection instructions. Tianjin CIQ reminds importers to have safety responsibility awareness, and enhance the knowledge of our countryí»s management regulations on hazardous chemicals and international transportation rules for hazardous goods. When importing hazardous goods, importers shall strictly check content of Chinese hazard labels to make sure it conforms to the actual hazard classification.