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Tinajin Port Destroyed Imported Compound Wine with Egg Content

Seahog Tian Branch, the customs clearance agent in Tianjin ,learns from Tianjin Exit and Entry Inspection Bureau that their Xingang Office recently destroyed a batch of compound wine(total 21 litres, and 200+ Euros) from Germany.

The inspectors found ¡°containing egg content¡± on the ingredient list of a variety of selected mild liquor when they did on-field inspection on this batch of wine.

It is learned that Germany is a country within AIV infected region. According to the relevant regulations of AQSIQ¡¯s list of animals and animal products banned from importing from  animal epidemic countries/regions , it is prohibited to import products that have poultry sources, non-processed or processed but still might spread diseases, from Germany. Therefore, Tianjin Exit and Entry Inspection Bureau destroyed this batch of goods in accordance with the regulation.

Seahog Tian Branch reminds relevant enterprises to check cargo entry permit and other relevant documents when undertaking import and export trade, or consult professional customs broker in China, to avoid losses.