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How to Make China Customs Clearance of Imported Handicrafts and Decorative Items

SeaHog International Logistics Co., Ltd, professionally handle China customs declaration and clearance for art and crafts, carved works, decorative items,and handicrafts. Here we would to here share more about the actual China customs clearance operation of these products.

If the involving goods are made of wood, it is required to certificate of origin and phytosanitrary certificate. CITES certificate and Certificate for Endangered Species is also required when the related wood is endangered species. And Certificate for Non-Regulated Species Listed in the HS Commodity Appendix of Import & Export on Wild Fauna & Flora  shall be provided for clearance purpose if any of the listed species is involved.Our company can help clients obtain the Certificate for Endangered Species and the Certificate  Certificate for Non-Regulated Species

Take furniture shipment for example. Normally, shipment of this kind will contain lots of commodity names, such as chair, stool, bad, sofa, dresser,tea table and so on. In addition, these goods may be made of different materials. How to locate the Chinese HS code? Well, that will be a work requires skills and experience. Plus, the dimensions of each item shall be shown on the bill of declaration as it is related to price valuation and inspection.

Our suggestion for a clearance-friendly shipment arrangement
If the shipment contains lots of different items, it is suggested to pack according to commodity names and categories to avoid mistakes and to simplify document making. Please note that one bill of declaration can only show 20 HS codes.

For the shipment consisting of goods that requires both Certificate for Non-Regulated Species and Certificate for Endangered Species, we suggest separate the shipment into two. One shipment for those needs Certificate for Non-Regulated Species, and the other shipment for those shall obtain  Certificate for Endangered Species.

Well, as China customs broker of years of experience in handling clearing of imported art and crafts, carved works, handicrafts, and decorative items, Seahog provides you with fast and secured import agency services.